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The Solecast

Nov 16, 2018

In todays episode of the Solecast I speak with Sima Lee. Sima Lee is a truly revolutionary artist who was raised on Black Panther-eque / Black Nationalist communities of self defense and mutual aid. Her entire life has been spent making rap music and doing revolutionary organizing. I discovered her music through submedia’s Trouble documentary on Hip-Hop, check it out here to learn more about her and other radical rap artists. In this interview we discuss:

Her upbringing and how she came to anarchism

The ideas of the maroon communities and how it informs her work

Her work at the maroon House in DC and the mutual aid practices they employ in the community

The importance of self defense and building lasting power beyond mobilizations

How to create stronger ties between (mostly) white anarchists and communities of color

Her new album “Trap Liberation Army”