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The Solecast

Oct 30, 2017


On todays episode I do an in-depth with Erin Gallagher.  Erin is a truly independent journalist who has been tracking and studying the phenomena of twitter bots, their human operators ( herein referred to as 'cyborgs'), and "hacking public opinion."   We go in depth on how social media bots engage in dark propaganda...

Solecast March Fundraiser

Oct 23, 2017


For the month of March The Solecast is doing a flash fundraiser selling T-shirts, tote bags and hoodies.  Grab some merchandise in the sole store.

In 2017 The Solecast went from having a few hundred followers to thousands and continues to grow every day.  What began as a humble exploration of philosophy, art and its...

Oct 23, 2017


In this edition of The Solecast I speak with Frank Lopez about his recent trip to Puerto Rico. We discuss the failure of the state to act quickly enough and the devastation he witnessed.  We talk about  how the people of Puerto Rico are helping themselves and how anarchists have launched mutual aid projects in the...

Oct 10, 2017


The first collaborative podcast episode with another podcaster.  Revolutionary Left Radio is one of my favorite podcasts, its an incredible resource for history, in depth discussions honing in on specific schools of leftist thought and interviews with academics from various political backgrounds.   Check it out here....