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The Solecast

Apr 16, 2020

n today’s episode of the solecast we have an in-depth discussion of anarchic black radicalism with comrades from  Ram Philly & Afrofuturist Abolitionists of the Americas.  Anarchic Black Radicalism draws on the history of Black Panthers, early abolitionists, Black Nationalism/Liberation Movements and more to synthesize a distinct form of black anarchism.  We talk about how recent social movements have radicalized a new generation of black youth and how anarchist ideas have gained traction in their wake.  We talk about the importance of centering trans and disabled people and what steps people of color can take to build their own spaces for organizing that aren’t centered around white activists.    We go over about some of the theoretical bases that form their analysis and some of the writers and texts that have informed this direction.   
For more information follow Afrofuturist Abolitionists of the Americas  or Ram Philly

Music “Pass Dat” by Sima Lee  

Some texts discussed: 
Combahe River Collective Statement
Anarchy of Colored Girls Assembled a Riotous Manner  

Between Infoshops and Insurrection  

The Writings of Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin 

Solecast w/ Zoe Samudzi As Black As Resistance