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The Solecast

Apr 25, 2019

In this episode of the solecast i speak with Will Bonsall about his book “Will Bonsall’s Essential Guide To Radical Self Reliance” and discuss ideas on vegan homesteading and “sustainability.” Will is a pioneer of “veganic” farming which is very similar to permaculture farming practices but without animals and focusing mostly on staple crops. We talk about some of his favorite companion planting pairs for growing things like carrots, onions, beans etc. We also talk about the Scatterseed Project which is dedicated to preserving heirloom seeds and promoting them. We also chat a bit about his fantasy novel, Through The Eyes Of A Stranger that imagine a more ecological society, and how that informs his approach to life(and vice versa). This is a great interview for anyone interested in farming, living off the land and self reliance. If you are vegan/vegetarian and you’ve been hearing your whole life that when capitalism ends you’ll have to eat deer, Will’s work is proof that another way is possible.