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The Solecast

Jun 15, 2017

Solecast 44 is with rapper, poet and long time organizer Mic Crenshaw. The conversation begins with him talking about his friend Micah Fletcher whose throat was slit in a recent white supremacist attack in PDX where 2 people were killed.   We discuss the importance of food justice, community defense and long term infrastructure projects.   Mike talks about the linkage between late stage capitalism and the rise of fascism and the importanwhite supremacist train attack in PDX. We talk about the history of the anti racist action network, what organizing was like in the 80s before the internet, and what accountability looks like beyond the state.  He stresses the importance of building friendships and true community within cultures of resistance.  He also discusses his work on the continent of Africa helping build computer centers, building up ties between North America and Africa and his tours through the continent with the Hip-Hop Caravan.

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