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The Solecast

Jun 23, 2017

Solecast 45 is a conversation with folks from the Base in Brooklyn about The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement.  From their text:

The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement is a political movement dedicated to freeing people from bondage and building resistance in the United States. We situate our political movement in the context of the abolitionist struggle against slavery and continue in the tradition, from Nat Turner to the Black Liberation Movement. We believe the Civil War was never resolved and the system of slavery transitioned into the prison industrial complex. Our struggle today must begin from this starting point. Lastly, as revolutionary anarchists, the abolitionist struggle must be extended to the state and capitalism, the perpetrators of oppression. The revolutionary movement in the US today is at a cross roads, as fascist movements are expanding, and the state becomes increasingly authoritarian. The Rojava Revolution, in northern Syria, provides us with a model for revolution today with its foundation in communal and council based political organization and militant defense.  

Download the .Pdf here or buy the book here

We talk about the limitations of protest and the need to move beyond it.  We discuss the importance of explicitly radical anarchist education and physical spaces in social movements. We mostly talk about the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement and the analysis behind it.  R.A.M. pulls together various threads of history and social movements to put forth a framework for collective liberation.  They link the foundation of the Americas, the expansion of capitalism, slavery, genocide ,  points to this historical moment and the struggles since then and shows that in order to truly have a revolutionary politics we must focus on abolishing the prison system, capitalism, patriarchy, and the state.  Its a very short read, check it out and if you are interested in getting involved hit them up.

The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement.