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The Solecast

Aug 11, 2017

Solecast 47 is with rapper, anarchist, and Doomtree OG, P.O.S.  P.O.S. dropped a new album this year called Chill, Dummy that is out now on Doomtree Records. We Talk about anarchy and the influence that early Crimethinc had on his thinking and his approach to life.  P.O.S. is a member of a long-standing rap collective called Doomtree and we discuss how a group of artists & friends can function as a collective  and succeed.   We talk about general shifts happening in culture and in society.  He goes in depth about his life-altering kidney surgery which is a beautiful testament to the values of mutual aid and solidarity, but also the effect this had on him.    P.O.S. is a thoughtful, nuanced and honest dude and we cover a lot of ground in this interview.  

If you wanna learn more about POS check out his last few albums Chill, Dummy,  We Don’t Even Live Here, and his new project with Sims, SHREDDDDERS.