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The Solecast

Sep 14, 2017

Mckenzie Wark General Intellects

Solecast 50 is a discussion with New School professor, philosopher and author Mckenzie Wark.  Wark is renowned as one of the forest theorists today who have dove into the works of the Situationists and built upon the ideas in interesting ways.   His new book that we discuss in this interview is called “General Intellects” but his past few books; “Telethesia” “Molecular Red” and “Beach Beneath The Streets” are all great reads.  

In this interview we discuss:

His new book, General Intellects  & his last book “Molecular Red"

The anthropocene in the wake of recent hurricanes & floods 

Technology, what is it & how has it changed us 

Neoliberalism in Iraq

The politics of exclusion

Do we still live under capitalism?

A discussion of relevant science fiction novels

General Intellects Verso