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The Solecast

Aug 24, 2018

In today’s solecast I sit down with Zoe Samudzi to discuss the new book she just co-authored with William C Anderson called “As Black As Resistance.”  This book puts forth a compelling argument for a Black anarchism rooted in self defense & autonomy.    In their book they discuss the importance of linking Black liberation to indigenous struggles, and point back to the Seminole War where Indigenous and Black folks successfully fought side-by-side and achieved the first emancipation proclamation.  In this podcast Zoe talks about the failure of respectability politics and  how appealing to liberals and the state gets Black People nowhere, because it is a system rooted on exploitation and killing of Black People.  Zoe also breaks down how people must overcome their own fears & potentially undermine their own class interests for a truly liberatory politics.   We also discuss  some of the challenges of building movements rooted around autonomy in areas of rapid gentrification and the need to create new kinds of movements/politics that don’t leave people behind.  We cover a lot of ground in this interview, and it barely scratches the surface of the book, pick it up now on AK Press. 

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In this talk Zoe mentions an article her co-author William wrote about “Cutting Capitalism Out Of Our Relationships."  

Outro music on this episode is Mic Crenshaw feat. Dead Pres "Superheroes"