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The Solecast

Mar 8, 2018

Today's episode is with Efrim Manuel from Godspeed! You Black Emperor / Silver Mount Zion.  Efrim and his comrades have been making radical, innovative and genre defying music for over 2 decades, fusing post-rock, punk ethos and classical aesthetics.   Efrim’s new album Pissing Stars is out now on Constellation records.

In this interview we discuss:

His new album Pissing Stars

His relationship with anarchism and radical politics

Thoughts on having a kid in these times

Comments on Come Worry With Us

What it means to maintain a career in music with a semblance of integrity

How people in North America are lost people adrift on a stolen continent

The trauma of the Bush years

The influence of religious imagery and poetry in his work

A story about their run in with the FBI and some fucked up cop in Oklahoma