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The Solecast

Jul 9, 2020

In this episode of The Solecast i re-air a recent interview I did with kidDead and Onwerd for their Imaginary Friends podcast.  I enjoyed this conversation because its one of the loosest talks I’ve had in a while (it was happy hour on the East coast when this interview was conducted). As long-time Sole supporters and friends, the dynamic lent itself to the sort of back and forth you might hear w friends who might slightly disagree about shit talking at a bar.  We talk about music stuff, my early history, and get into some interesting conversations about human nature, collectives, abolition and the revolutionary moment we find ourselves in.   Check out Imaginary Friends podcast on all your favorite podcast platforms.
Music Guests:
Sole & Dj Pain 1 - "Outsiders" - No God nor Country
Linqua Franqa - "Midnight Oil" - Linqua Franqa
An Illustrated Mess - "PSA" feat. Tré Orona & E-Turn) - Single
Happy Tooth & Dug - "Always a Threat" - All in your Head