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The Solecast

Jan 30, 2020

In this super-long episode of the solecast I'm doing a deep dive into the impacts that streaming and corporate consolidation has had on the music industry.  This is a very long episode, clocking in at almost 3 hours.  Instead of splitting it up into a multi-part episode I wanted everything in once place, so people could  treat this as a mini audio documentary, listen while you have time, pause it and return to it, there is a lot of information here that is important, if you care about music.  Hopefully this Megasode format allows you to gain a nuanced and in depth understanding of where the music industry is at, how its gotten to where it is, and how we as artists and listeners can navigate this.

First I’m joined by Joe from Don Giovanni Records to talk about how the changes we have seen over the last 20 years have made it increasingly difficult for most independent labels to compete.  Joe gives a history of how this consolidation has impacted independent infrastructure from blogs, to record stores to radio and beyond.  Don Giovanni is an incredible record label, check out their releases at

For Part two I’m just by journalist Liz Pelly to talk about some of the less considered aspects of how these algorithms are shaping art itself, its ability to surveil moods and advanced forms of marketing.  Liz also offers a number of ideas for ways people can reclaim power in this shifting landscape.  Check out some of her pieces for the baffler “Big Mood Machine”  or “Stream-bait pop.” 

Then I sit down with my long time friend, collaborator and distribution partner Daddy Kev of Alpha Pup.  Kev is an OG from the LA beat scene and is co-owner of Alpha Pup Distribution.  He is optimistic about how artists can do in the future and offers a number of suggestions for how those who choose to engage in these platforms can think about maximizing their potential to reach supporters.

Music: True Deceiver Drifts & Floats