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The Solecast

Feb 13, 2020

In this episode I chat with journalist Robert Evans who is the host of the podcasts "It Could Happen Here" and "Behind The Bastards Podcast." In this interview we talk about how the project came about, the research that went into it and how people responded to it. Robert discusses how his trips to Iraq & Syria made him realize that a civil war like that is not too far off from the political moment we find ourselves in in the US and how that might look in the US. He talks about practical skills and practices we can employ in our daily lives to make us more resilient, the importance of mutual aid, armed self defense and DIY skills. We also discuss climate change & economic collapse as additional factors that would play into all of this. Robert also talks about his upcoming podcast series about Rojava and unveils what Season 2 of It Could Happen Here will be about...