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The Solecast

Jan 3, 2019

In this Solecast I took a trip down to Soulfolks Records in Biddeford, Maine to interview Rory Ferreira, the artist formerly known as Milo. Milo is a rapper, producer, poet, shopkeeper, and member of the Ruby Yacht Collective. Milo has a wide ranging catalogue of rap songs which are experimental, poetic and informed by study of his craft and literature. Milo infuses a sense of wonder into his work, toying with the medium and keeps his work engaging without playing into the music industry or its pseudo-hype machine.

In this interview we discuss:

How growing up around a preacher helped shape his approach to rap & philosophy

How poetry informs his work

Maine life and why connection to nature is so important

His time working as a farmer

His politics (he wants Black folks to win)

His origins

Why Ruby Yacht shits on police

Why he opened a record store in 2018, in Maine.


His mother, Shay Stewart Bouley

Follow Rory, on Twitter, Fedbook, The Gram, or Bandcamp