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The Solecast

Dec 21, 2018

In this Solecast I chat with Chris Steele Aka Time. Time is an anarchist rapper/writer/journalist/podcaster from Denver , Colorado. He publishes regularly through Truthout and collaborated with Noam Chomsky on his recent “Occupy” book. He just dropped a new album and is currently working on books about the history of anarchist repression and an anthology on Common Ground w/ Scott Crow.

In this interview we talk about:

His band Calm’s new album, “Things I Learned While Dying In Denver”

How anarchism influences his journalism

Themes on his new album; empathy, housing, subverting capitalism & white supremacy

His new podcast called “TimeTalks”

His experience in academia

Thoughts on how white rappers should engage in a black art

Random shit talking anecdotes about FTP marches and Denver in general