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The Solecast

Feb 27, 2020

In this episode of the solecast I sit down with Carla & Zach Bergman to talk about rethinking the relationship between youth and adults.  Carla is a filmmaker, activist and author of Joyful Militancy and her son Zach is an artist and electronic producer who puts out music under the moniker Sourgout.  This interview talks bout un-schooling, the damage that the western education system does and how adults can do better to foster autonomy.  We talk about the after school youth space they participated in called the Purple Thistle, the importance of community and how addressing the harm done by schooling is critical to any anti-capitalist radical politics or thinking around decolonization.

Many of the themes cover in this conversation can be found in an upcoming anthology Carla is releasing on AK Press tentatively titled Trust Kids.

Music by Sourgout