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The Solecast

Jun 19, 2019

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No God Nor Country
is Sole and DJ Pain 1’s third album. Its a record about carving out a meaningful life of joy and resistance in uncertain and oppressive times. Since their last album, sole had a kid, bought a farmhouse in Maine, and Pain 1 also bought a house, as his career as an educator, producer and music mentor continues to accelerate. Over the last few years, the pair has recorded dozens of songs, thrown away all the songs that weren’t poignant or musically solid enough and kept the best songs, the songs that speak to most to the current state of affairs.

This record is a major step forward for their song writing, production and overall aesthetic, and while the record has strong anti-authoritarian themes it also explores existential questions: what it means to be a parent, the emptiness of fame and careers, what resistance means amid everyday life. Although the album title is an expression of atheism and anarchism, the album is more of a testament to fighting for liberation and fulfillment while living in uncertain times.

The precarity of the music business is a major theme of this album and albums past, and fittingly, all of Sole and Pain 1's albums have been DIY releases without investors, large labels or PR machines behind them. Both musicians handle the heavy lifting and deliver the music directly to the listeners, without whom these albums would literally not exist.

Do you want to help get this album out? An act as simple as a pre-order can cover the manufacturing costs, the creation of the record, the production of videos, the mixing and mastering and publicity. If they exceed the initial pre-order goals it will give this record-- their strongest, most timely and possibly most important album yet-- the fighting chance it needs to reach more listeners in a world of noise.