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The Solecast

Nov 12, 2020

In this episode of the Solecast I speak with author and Indiana University professor, Micol Seigel. This conversation is meant as a primer for the the concepts of destituent power and the under commons. After a year of unimaginable suffering and resistance, the ideas of Destitution and under commons provide us critical tools for building the capacity we need to weather the storm(s) that we find ourselves in. We also talk about the free-to-all virtual conference they are hosting the weekend of 11/13-11/16:
On November 13th-16th, then, Indiana University’s 2020 Critical Ethnic Studies symposium brings into dialogue two zones of contemporary insurgent study: the undercommons and destituent power. To explore social life that evades political constraints such as citizenship, sovereignty, and governance, we seek to build upon the work of Fred Moten, Stefano Harney and Giorgio Agamben. Reveling in the fields that ground their work, the Black radical tradition and Italian Autonomia, this forum seeks to collect and share what we’ve learned from the practices and forms of life that are already breaking free of politics.
To preview Micol’s book “Violence Work” you can check it out here
and to learn more/register from the Destituent Power and The Undercommons conference you may do so here