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The Solecast

Mar 28, 2017

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Solecast 38 is an in-depth interview with former animal liberation prisoner Josh Harper.  Josh is one of the SHAC7, and he went to prison for his work against Huntington Life Sciences.  Huntington Life Sciences at the time was one of the biggest companies doing tests on animals and was targetted for their usage of “live vivisection.”  The tactics employed by the SHAC campaign were wide ranging and effecive; they went after every link in the supply chain to bring this company to the verge of bankrupcy.  Josh is currently living in the Pacific North West and helps run “The Talon Conspiracy” which is an online archive animal rights publication from the recent past.  

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Topics Discussed:

  • Josh’s involvement in the Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty campaign & animal liberation struggles
  • Lessons from SHAC for current struggles against Trump & fascism
  • The conflict between mass movement building & effective interventions
  • The approach, philosophy and tactics emplyed in the SHAC campaign
  • Some thoughts on the political moment we are in
  • Comical anecdotes about the Talon Conspiracy & him briefly being a suspect for the 9-11 attacks
  • Thoughts on being a political prisoner and how important support is, inside and out