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The Solecast

Aug 25, 2017

Dan Arel

Solecast 49 is with author, journalist, and host of the “Danthropology Podcast," Dan Arel.  Dan is best known for his atheist-themed books “The Secular Activist” and “Parenting Without God.”  Unlike most of the so called “new atheists” who have found themselves promoting Islamophobia and reactionary views that prop up empire, Dan stands apart from he pack by putting forward a more compassionate and nuanced atheism.  We talk about how that solidarity informs his writings and why under Trump he has found himself throwing in with the anti-authoritarians who have been militantly resisting the Trump Regime.  

Also discussed in this interview:

  • The problems within the “new atheist” movement and its leading voices.

  • Christian “Terrorism"

  • A discussion of Noam Chomsky’s ill informed critiques of anti-fascism

  • Trans-humanism

  • The generalization and widespread adoption of antifa tactics

  • Atheist parenting