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The Solecast

Sep 7, 2018

Todays episode is with Margaret Killjoy.  Margaret is an anarchist science fiction writer and electronic producer.  Her latest album is called "Nomadic War Machine" going by Always, Forever and is available now on bandcamp.  Margaret has published several short stories and books, is currently working on a novel and releases a sci fi short story every month through patreon.   
In this podcast Margaret also reads one of my favorite short stories she has written called The Northern Host about a civil war in the year 2035, with some incredible plot twists.  

In this interview we talk about:

The tension between insurrection and prefiguration

Her new project Nomadic War Machine by Always, Forever

The role culture plays in building revolutionary potential

Living off the land and how it fits into a revolutionary strategy

The importance of infrastructure

The writing process, the format of short stories

Weaving anarchist themes into science fiction and fantasy writings

The importance of radical honesty

and much more